Avy Claire

August 4- August 25

“The gesture of a brushstroke has always been important to me. While making this current work, I have been using the word ‘casual' to describe how I am considering all moments and bits cut out of the gesture to have equal weight. In preparing for this exhibit, my goal was to turn off the self-editor, and simply to go into the studio and play. To help enforce this goal, I decided to enlist a curator: Lauren Elise Hirshfield is a New York City based curator and gallerist who stands out to me as someone with a hyper contemporary view on the art world. I am excited to have Lauren shape #twistedbrushstrokes into the experience for viewers to navigate.”

Upcoming shows

july 2018 - tom jessen

opening: saturday, july 7
closing: july 28

august 2018 - avy claire

opening: saturday, august 4
closing: august 25

september 2018 - mp landis

opening: saturday, september 1
closing: september 29