tom jessen

 July 7- July 28

"I play games with myself in the studio. There are strategic, decisive, calibrated moves, and there are other moves you impose upon the process to get out of the way when you are bored of continually seeing your own voice, and anticipating your next move. I find that I’m continually attracted to limbo states and having a foot in two different worlds: head and body, reference and abstraction, definition and ambiguity. Whatever form it takes, whatever tools and materials used, it’s largely rooted in interrogating my own process. At the end of the day it all becomes a meditation on the self and the desire to strive for a level of honesty and authenticity I haven’t experienced yet.”

Opening | Saturday, July 7 | 5:30-7:30pm

Upcoming shows

july 2018 - tom jessen

opening: saturday, july 7
closing: july 28

august 2018 - avy claire

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closing: august 25

september 2018 - mp landis

opening: saturday, september 1
closing: september 29